A Tour of JupyterLab Extensions
Jeremy Tuloup
Community, Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Visualisation

A tour of 20 JupyterLab extensions, in 20 minutes. Demos included!

Current affairs, updates, and the roadmap of scikit-learn and scikit-learn-contrib
Adrin Jalali
Artificial Intelligence, Community, Code-Review, Machine Learning

an update on recent scikit-learn changes, current affairs, and the roadmap

Developers vs. Enterprise
Ingo Stegmaier
Community, Use Cases

Developers vs. Enterprise. A guide to promote and succeed internal projects

From body and code <programming in times of acceptance>
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Web

What does diversity means? Social justice YES \o/ but also to reclaim knowledge & critical perspective | #diversity #criticalDisability #inclusion

Optimizing Input: Building your own customized keyboard
Daniel Rios
Community, Microcontrollers, Makers

Optimizing input by building your own keyboard. Learn where the modern keyboard originated and what the present holds for the future of text input.

PEP 581 and PEP 588: Migrating CPython's Issue Tracker
Mariatta Wijaya
Community, Use Cases

PEP 581 and PEP 588: Migrating CPython's Issue Tracker Let's hear about some of the proposed plans on improving CPython's workflow, and learn how you can help and take part in this process.

Professional Development and Career Progression for Data Scientists
Noa Tamir
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science

How to level up your skills and develop your your career by making the most of on the job opportunities, as well as open source contributions

Python 2020+
Łukasz Langa
Community, Use Cases, Python

Python is at crossroads. Very successful but peculiarly missing in some spaces like mobile devices, client-side Web, or gaming. Should we do something about it? How could we go about changing that?

Python Panel
Alexander CS Hendorf, Hynek Schlawack, Mariatta Wijaya, Łukasz Langa, Stefan Behel

Panel about Python, core-devs, development, challenges, community and the future! And: how can become a part of it! Join the discussion!

Refactoring in Python: Design Patterns and Approaches
Tin Marković
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Code-Review

Refactoring can be easier: Clean up your codebase, using modern tooling, gradual code changes and smart policy.

Running An Open Source Project Like A Start Up
Cheuk Ting Ho
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science, Machine Learning

My journey of running an open source project like a start up

Tackle the problems that really matter - leverage the power of data science in the service of humanity
Eva Schreyer, Lisa Zäuner
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science

We talk about how DSSG @dssgber brings together data scientist volunteers and non-profit organisations to tackle their data challenges in various events.

James Powell

This is reserved for a James Powell in-promptu talk, stay tuned!

The Sound of Silence: Online Misogyny and How we Model it
Teresa Ingram
Community, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Opt Out of Online Sexism - From a Problem to Open Source Activism and the Mechanics of Change

Want to have a positive social impact as a data scientist?
Ellen König
Community, Data Science

Find your individual approach towards more positive social impact by conducting experiments! I'll show you how.

What’s new in Python 3.8?
Stéphane Wirtel

What’s new in Python 3.8? Learn the new features of this new version

Your Name Is Invalid!
Miroslav Šedivý
Algorithms, Community, Natural Language Processing, Web, Data Mining / Scraping, Use Cases

If your code tells me “Your Name Is Invalid!”, then your code is probably invalid. Names of people cannot be invalid.