In 2017, CPython codebase was moved to GitHub from Mercurial, an effort that took more than three years of planning and lots of volunteer coordination. The move proved to be successful and well-appreciated. New contributors face less barriers when contributing to Python. Core developers are benefiting from personal assistants in the form of GitHub bots and automations. Can the workflow be even better? In this talk, we'll look into other problems in CPython's workflow: the issue tracker itself.

The acceptance of PEP 581, by Python steering council means that another big workflow change is impending. Let's hear about some of the proposed plans on improving CPython's workflow, and learn how you can help and take part in this process.

Mariatta Wijaya

Affiliation: Zapier

Mariatta works as a software engineer in Vancouver, BC. She's a co-organizer of Vancouver PyLadies and PyCascades conference.

Mariatta is a Python Core Developer and contributed to Python documentation, Python Developer's Guide, Python core workflow, and She helps to maintain Core Python's GitHub bots: bedevere, miss-islington and blurb_it.

Her current big projects are: PEP 581, PEP 588, and black-out.

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