Airflow: your ally for automating machine learning and data pipelines
Enrica Pasqua, Bahadir Uyarer
Big Data, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

Automate your machine learning and data pipelines with Apache Airflow

An Introduction to Concurrency and Parallelism using Python Programming Language
Tanmoy Bandyopadhyay
Algorithms, Parallel Programming

Write simpler, faster code with Python concurrency and parallelism..

Build a Machine Learning pipeline with Jupyter and Azure
Daniel Heinze
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, DevOps, IDEs/ Jupyter, Machine Learning, APIs, Python

Build a Machine Learning pipeline with Jupyter and Azure:

CANCELED: Create CUDA kernels from Python using Numba and CuPy.
Valentin Haenel
Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, Parallel Programming

Learn to program GPUs (e.g. Kernels) in Python with CuPy and Numba.

Decentralized and Privacy-Preserving ML via TensorFlow Federated
Peter Kairouz, Amlan Chakraborty
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

Meet TensorFlow Federated: an open-source framework for machine learning and other computations on decentralized data.

Deep Learning for Healthcare with PyTorch
Valerio Maggio
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Science

This tutorial provides a general introduction to the PyTorch Deep Learning framework with specific focus on Deep Learning applications for Precision Medicine and Computational Biology.

Fairness in decision-making with AI: a practical guide & hands-on tutorial using Aequitas
Pedro Saleiro
Data Science, Machine Learning, Use Cases

In this tutorial, we are going to deep dive into algorithmic fairness, from metrics and definitions to practical case studies, including bias audits using Aequitas ( in real policy problems where AI is being used

Get to grips with pandas and scikit-learn
Sandrine Pataut
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning

Get to grips with pandas and scikit-learn: a first contact with data science using python

Hidden Markov Models for Chord Recognition - Intuition and Applications
Caio Miyashiro
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics

Come check out Caio's workshop on music+programming+stats on PyData

Kubernetes 101 for Python Developers
Christian Barra
DevOps, Infrastructure, Web, APIs, Use Cases

Ready to learn about Kubernetes? Join the workshop and be prepared to play with yaml files!

Managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle with MLFlow
Tobias Sterbak
Data Science, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

How to manage the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle with MLflow.

Package and Dependency Management with Poetry
Steph Samson
DevOps, Infrastructure, Use Cases

Learn how to make package and dependency management easier with Poetry.

Parallel programming for python developers – Let’s Go(lang)
Dominik Henter, Jéssica Lins
Infrastructure, Networks, Parallel Programming

A tutorial about parallel programming in Go, from the perspective of a Python developer.

pytest - simple, rapid and fun testing with Python
Florian Bruhin

The pytest tool presents a rapid and simple way to write tests for your Python code. This training gives an introduction with exercises to some distinguishing features.

Quantum computing with Python
James Wootton
Algorithms, Infrastructure, Microcontrollers, Science, APIs

Every Python user can play with one of the world's most advanced technologies: quantum computers. This session will tell you how you can and why you should.

Using machine learning for Level Generation in Snake (video-game)
Filipe Silva
Data Science, Machine Learning

Using machine learning models for level generation in video-games

Write your Own Decorators
Mike Müller

Learn how to write useful decorators in a hands-on tutorial.