Current affairs, updates, and the roadmap of scikit-learn and scikit-learn-contrib
Adrin Jalali
Artificial Intelligence, Community, Code-Review, Machine Learning

an update on recent scikit-learn changes, current affairs, and the roadmap

Detecting and Analyzing Solar Panels in Switzerland using Aerial Imagery
Martin Christen
Big Data, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualisation

Detecting Solar Panels from aerial imagery using #Python #DeepLearning #CrowdSourcing

Dr. Schmood's Notebook of Python Calisthenics and Orthodontia
David Schmudde
Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter

In "Mr. Schmudde's Notebook of Python Calisthenics and Orthodontia" @dschmudde explores the benefits of taking a functional approach in Jupyter notebooks. Don't get bit by misaligned state and output, keep your notebooks running with these functional tips!

venv, pyenv, pypi, pip, pipenv, pyWTF?
Simone Robutti
Code-Review, DevOps

Are you confused about the difference between pyenv and pipenv? Or between pip and Pypi? We will talk about them and many other Python tools