Does hate sound the same in all languages?
Andrada Pumnea
Deep Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining / Scraping

Does hate sound the same in all languages? Join this talk to learn more about hate speech detection in a language less circulated, from dataset creation to hate speech recognition model..

Friend or Foe: Comparison of R & Python in Data Wrangling & Visualisation
Yuta Kanzawa
Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualisation, Statistics

R and Python are different in community and as language. Still, comparing them in their common fields such as data wrangling and visualisation, useRs and Pythonistas will deepen mutual understanding.

Interpretable Machine Learning: How to make black box models explainable
Alexander Engelhardt
Data Science, Machine Learning

In this talk, we'll find out how to interpret the predictions of otherwise black-box models.

Job Panel
Christian Barra, Tereza Iofciu, Katharina Rasch, Matteo Guzzo, Sieer Angar
Business & Start-Ups

A panel about freelancing & moving from academia to industry

Machine learning with little data - from digital twin to predictive maintenance
Andreas Hantsch
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Science

This talk is about the coupling of a digital twin model and a machine learning predictive maintenance algorithm in order to be able to detect anomalies in the operation of a not well-known hardware system.