Some points we want to discuss on this panel:

  • Employee vs Freelancer
  • Where do I start if I want to become a freelancer
  • Tired of academia: where do I start?
  • Company perspective: why should I work with a freelancer?
  • And much more!

Christian Barra

Affiliation: Infarm

I am Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead and speaker living in Berlin where I work at infarm, one of the top 10 startups in Berlin.

My focus is on microservices, event-driven architecture, devops for microservices and machine learning and data engineering.

I am an active member of the tech community in Berlin, organizer of PyCon DE and a Python Software Foundation Fellow.

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Tereza Iofciu

Affiliation: mytaxi

Tereza Iofciu is Lead Data Scientist at mytaxi in Hamburg, where she is working on cool projects with inspiring people. She started the PyLadies Hamburg group and is now co-organising regular meetups together with some awesome ladies.She is also an Ambassador for the Women in AI community in Hamburg. Before that she worked both as a data scientist and data engineer at mytaxi and XING SE. She got her PhD in CS in the field of Information Retrieval at L3S Research Institute in Hannover, Germany. In her free time she draws dinosaurs under the label tiyepyep

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Katharina Rasch

Katharina Rasch is a computer scientist with a PhD from KTH Stockholm. From 2014 to 2017 she was a data scientist / computer vision researcher at zalando. Now she is a freelance data scientist in Berlin. At the moment, Katharina is obsessed with professionalising AI development. Less chaos, please!

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Matteo Guzzo

Data Scientist in Berlin. Physicist by training. Passionate about all things Python, especially community initiatives, and beyond. Always on the lookout for the next interesting thing.

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Sieer Angar

Affiliation: KÖNIGSWEG

Serial entrepreneur with a strong record of building successful companies with tech focus. Co-Founder and CEO of Königsweg – the Data Science and AI company. In his role as a management consultant, he designs and remodels businesses strategically and is also closely engaged in the operational implementation. He advises and guides clients through the challenges of digitalization and information technologies with a focus in advances manufacturing.

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