10 ways to debug Python code
Christoph Deil
Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter

Learn 10 ways to debug your Python code and many tips and tricks for effective debugging in 30 minutes.

A Medieval DSL? Parsing Heraldic Blazons with Python
Lady Red

Did you know that a DSL with variables and recursion was invented when people were still building castles? This DSL describes exactly how to paint a coat of arms. Learn how to write a parser for it, and the tools to make your own DLS

Abridged metaprogramming classics - this episode: pytest
Oliver Bestwalter
Algorithms, Code-Review, APIs, Use Cases

Abridged metaprogramming classics - this episode: pytest. About the role of metaprogramming in the creation of a simple to use but powerful testing framework.

Algo.Rules - How do we get the ethics into the code?
Carla Hustedt

Algo.Rules - How do we get the ethics into the code? 9 rules for the design of algorithmic systems

Beyond Paradigms: a new key to grok Python & other languages
Luciano Ramalho
Algorithms, Code-Review

#BeyondParadigms: Languages like Python and Go don't fit programming paradigm categories very well. A more pragmatic and practical way to understand languages is focusing on features. This is what "Beyond Paradigms" is about.

Birds of a feather flock together - Tracking pigeons with Python and OpenCV
Neslihan Edes
Computer Vision, IDEs/ Jupyter, Science

In this talk I want to demonstrate how to leverage existing Open Source technologies to implement basic movement tracking use cases.

Boosting simulation performance with Python
Eran Friedman
Infrastructure, Robotics

Simulating hours of robots' operation in minutes with Python

Break your API gently - or not at all
Tim Hoffmann

How to change your API without annoying your users (too much).

CANCELED: Create CUDA kernels from Python using Numba and CuPy.
Valentin Haenel
Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, Parallel Programming

Learn to program GPUs (e.g. Kernels) in Python with CuPy and Numba.

Commenting code — beyond common wisdom
Stefan Schwarzer

Good code comments are important for software maintenance. This talk goes beyond the common wisdom you find in most books and online and explains when this common wisdom falls short.

Driving 3D Printers with Python: Lessons Learned
Gina Häußge
Web, 3D Priniting, Makers

OctoPrint is an open source web interface for 3D printers and deployed world wide on a large variety of devices. Learn about some of the challenges in developing and maintaining such a piece of end user facing software in Python

Event-Sourced Story
Jacek Kołodziej
Use Cases

Basics and three years of experience in utilizing event sourcing in a real-life application with its ups and downs - come hear the Event-Sourced Story.

Extended Ligthning Talks CANCELLED: Crunching Numbers Like a Journalist
Marie-Louise Timcke
Big Data, Data Science, Statistics

Marie will talk about how newsrooms work with data on a day to day basis, and how scientific accuracy fits in with the pace of news reporting.

From body and code <programming in times of acceptance>
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Web

What does diversity means? Social justice YES \o/ but also to reclaim knowledge & critical perspective | #diversity #criticalDisability #inclusion

Get to grips with pandas and scikit-learn
Sandrine Pataut
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning

Get to grips with pandas and scikit-learn: a first contact with data science using python

Getting started with FPGA with Python

In this review, we'll look into frameworks that will help Python developer start working with FPGA without prior knowledge of Verilog or VHDL.

How MicroPython went into space
Christine Spindler

MicroPython used in space as an On Board Control Procedure (OBCP) engine

How strong is my opponent? Using Bayesian methods for skill assessment
Darina Goldin

Introduction to the ranking algorithms Elo, Glicko2, and Trueskill.

How to choose better colors for your data visualizations
Daniel Ringler
Data Science, Visualisation

You want to choose better colors for all the charts that you create with Python but you do not know where to start? This talk will teach you some basics about color theory so your charts will show what is important (and look beautiful).

Introduction to automated testing with pytest
Raphael Pierzina
DevOps, Web, Data Engineering

Learn how to get started with developing automated tests in Python with the pytest test framework!

Job Panel
Christian Barra, Tereza Iofciu, Katharina Rasch, Matteo Guzzo, Sieer Angar
Business & Start-Ups

A panel about freelancing & moving from academia to industry

Mock Hell
Edwin Jung
Code-Review, Web, Data Engineering

Mock Hell: How to escape and avoid it, and improve your design in the process.

Optimizing Input: Building your own customized keyboard
Daniel Rios
Community, Microcontrollers, Makers

Optimizing input by building your own keyboard. Learn where the modern keyboard originated and what the present holds for the future of text input.

Package and Dependency Management with Poetry
Steph Samson
DevOps, Infrastructure, Use Cases

Learn how to make package and dependency management easier with Poetry.

Parallel programming for python developers – Let’s Go(lang)
Dominik Henter, Jéssica Lins
Infrastructure, Networks, Parallel Programming

A tutorial about parallel programming in Go, from the perspective of a Python developer.

Professional Development and Career Progression for Data Scientists
Noa Tamir
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science

How to level up your skills and develop your your career by making the most of on the job opportunities, as well as open source contributions

pytest - simple, rapid and fun testing with Python
Florian Bruhin

The pytest tool presents a rapid and simple way to write tests for your Python code. This training gives an introduction with exercises to some distinguishing features.

Python-Powered OSINT! Modernising Open Source Intelligence for Investigating Disinformation
Chiin-Rui Tan, Dare Imam-Lawal
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web, Data Mining / Scraping, Use Cases

Socio-Technical Python for OSINT! The old state discipline of gathering intelligence from open sources is today critical for investigating Disinformation but has lacked modernisation. A former UK Gov Head of DataSci presents a maturity model for updating legacy OSINT with Python!

Quantum computing with Python
James Wootton
Algorithms, Infrastructure, Microcontrollers, Science, APIs

Every Python user can play with one of the world's most advanced technologies: quantum computers. This session will tell you how you can and why you should.

Refactoring in Python: Design Patterns and Approaches
Tin Marković
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Code-Review

Refactoring can be easier: Clean up your codebase, using modern tooling, gradual code changes and smart policy.

Running An Open Source Project Like A Start Up
Cheuk Ting Ho
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science, Machine Learning

My journey of running an open source project like a start up

Static Typing in Python
Dustin Ingram

In this talk, we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages to a static type system

Tackle the problems that really matter - leverage the power of data science in the service of humanity
Eva Schreyer, Lisa Zäuner
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science

We talk about how DSSG @dssgber brings together data scientist volunteers and non-profit organisations to tackle their data challenges in various events.

Take control of your hearing: Accessible methods to build a smart noise filter
Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn Rose
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Science

Control what you hear with deep learning and open audio databases. The developer and manager of \\NoIze//, a project supported by Prototype Fund, share what’s helped them build an open source smart, low-computational noise filter in Python.

The Sound of Silence: Online Misogyny and How we Model it
Teresa Ingram
Community, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Opt Out of Online Sexism - From a Problem to Open Source Activism and the Mechanics of Change

Using Micropython to develop an IoT multimode sensor platform with an Augmented Reality UI
Nicholas Herriot
Augmented Reality, Networks, Microcontrollers, Visualisation

Learn how to bring the internet of things to augmented reality using python and web technologies

venv, pyenv, pypi, pip, pipenv, pyWTF?
Simone Robutti
Code-Review, DevOps

Are you confused about the difference between pyenv and pipenv? Or between pip and Pypi? We will talk about them and many other Python tools

Want to have a positive social impact as a data scientist?
Ellen König
Community, Data Science

Find your individual approach towards more positive social impact by conducting experiments! I'll show you how.

Where Linguistics meets Natural Language Processing
Mariana Capinel
Natural Language Processing

This talk explains how linguistics describes language - via phonetics-phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. We will combine linguistic concepts with models through examples for NLP newbies.