10 ways to debug Python code
Christoph Deil
Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter

Learn 10 ways to debug your Python code and many tips and tricks for effective debugging in 30 minutes.

Abridged metaprogramming classics - this episode: pytest
Oliver Bestwalter
Algorithms, Code-Review, APIs, Use Cases

Abridged metaprogramming classics - this episode: pytest. About the role of metaprogramming in the creation of a simple to use but powerful testing framework.

AI Intentions and Code Completion
Vasily Korf
Artificial Intelligence, Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter, Python

Datalore supports intentions – code suggestions based on what you’ve just written.

Beyond Paradigms: a new key to grok Python & other languages
Luciano Ramalho
Algorithms, Code-Review

#BeyondParadigms: Languages like Python and Go don't fit programming paradigm categories very well. A more pragmatic and practical way to understand languages is focusing on features. This is what "Beyond Paradigms" is about.

Commenting code — beyond common wisdom
Stefan Schwarzer

Good code comments are important for software maintenance. This talk goes beyond the common wisdom you find in most books and online and explains when this common wisdom falls short.

Current affairs, updates, and the roadmap of scikit-learn and scikit-learn-contrib
Adrin Jalali
Artificial Intelligence, Community, Code-Review, Machine Learning

an update on recent scikit-learn changes, current affairs, and the roadmap

How to write tests that need a lot of data?
Sander Kooijmans
Algorithms, Code-Review

In this talk Sander explains how to write tests that need a lot of data using code of a warehouse management system as example.

Mock Hell
Edwin Jung
Code-Review, Web, Data Engineering

Mock Hell: How to escape and avoid it, and improve your design in the process.

Refactoring in Python: Design Patterns and Approaches
Tin Marković
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Code-Review

Refactoring can be easier: Clean up your codebase, using modern tooling, gradual code changes and smart policy.

venv, pyenv, pypi, pip, pipenv, pyWTF?
Simone Robutti
Code-Review, DevOps

Are you confused about the difference between pyenv and pipenv? Or between pip and Pypi? We will talk about them and many other Python tools