Creating an Interactive ML Conference Showcase
Harald Bosch
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, IDEs/ Jupyter, Machine Learning

Build a ML showcase using #transferlearning, #keras, #WebRTC, #python

Privacy-preserving Machine Learning for text processing
Sarah Diot-Girard
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Data privacy can be tricky when doing Natural Language Processing, join us to explore the different strategies you can use to keep your user data safer!

Production-level data pipelines that make everyone happy using Kedro
Yetunde Dada
Data Science, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

Learn how easy it is to apply software engineering principles to your data science and data engineering code. Expect an overview of Kedro, a library that implements best practices for data pipelines with an eye towards productionizing ML models.

Running An Open Source Project Like A Start Up
Cheuk Ting Ho
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Data Science, Machine Learning

My journey of running an open source project like a start up

Using Micropython to develop an IoT multimode sensor platform with an Augmented Reality UI
Nicholas Herriot
Augmented Reality, Networks, Microcontrollers, Visualisation

Learn how to bring the internet of things to augmented reality using python and web technologies