AI Intentions and Code Completion
Vasily Korf
Artificial Intelligence, Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter, Python

Datalore supports intentions – code suggestions based on what you’ve just written.

Automating feature engineering for supervised learning? Methods, open-source tools and prospects.
Thorben Jensen
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

How to automate the labor-intensive task of feature engineering for Machine Learning? This talk gives an overview on methods, presents open-source libraries for Python, and compares their performance.

How MicroPython went into space
Christine Spindler

MicroPython used in space as an On Board Control Procedure (OBCP) engine

Julia for Python
Simon Danisch
Data Science, Infrastructure, IDEs/ Jupyter, Parallel Programming

Julia is a new Language, that is fast, high level, dynamic and optimized for Data Science. Learn about Julia's strengths and how you can integrate it in your Python workflow!

Why you should (not) train your own BERT model for different languages or domains
Marianne Stecklina
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Science

Language models like BERT can capture general language knowledge and transfer it to new data and tasks. However, applying a pre-trained BERT to non-English text has limitations. Is training from scratch a good (and feasible) way to overcome them?