Automated Feature Engineering and Selection in Python
Franziska Horn
Data Science, Machine Learning, Science, Data Engineering, Statistics

Automated feature engineering and selection in Python with the autofeat library.

CANCELLED: First steps in Julia
Felicia Burtscher
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Deep Learning, Data Science, Networks, Machine Learning, Science

#julia_introduction. why julia is better than python. machine learning made eady with juliabox.

Fighting fraud: finding duplicates at scale
Alexey Grigorev
Data Science, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

Fight fraudsters at scale: use machine learning to find duplicates in 10 million ads daily

James Powell

This is reserved for a James Powell in-promptu talk, stay tuned!

Where Linguistics meets Natural Language Processing
Mariana Capinel
Natural Language Processing

This talk explains how linguistics describes language - via phonetics-phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. We will combine linguistic concepts with models through examples for NLP newbies.