Boosting simulation performance with Python
Eran Friedman
Infrastructure, Robotics

Simulating hours of robots' operation in minutes with Python

Refactoring in Python: Design Patterns and Approaches
Tin Marković
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Code-Review

Refactoring can be easier: Clean up your codebase, using modern tooling, gradual code changes and smart policy.

Time Series Anomaly Detection for Bottling Machine Maintenance
Andrea Spichtinger
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning

Anomaly detection in time series data from mechanical motors in bottling machines, set productive on an AWS edge device. #AnomalyDetection #UnsupervisedML #AWS

Visualizing Interactive Graph Networks in Python
Jan-Benedikt Jagusch
Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Networks, Visualisation, Python

Join @jan_jagusch's talk to learn about visualizing interactive network graphs in Python.

🌈Apache Airflow for beginners
Infrastructure, Data Engineering

Airflow can sound more complicated than it is. Learn the basics on the practical example.