CANCELLED: Fresh New Pythonic Database: EdgeDB (And Why It's the Future)
Dmitry Nazarov
Web, Use Cases

This @edgedatabase talk will cover both the basics (setup, syntax, repl, simple usecase) as well as advanced topics (indexes, performance, complex usecases). We'll also talk history of databases as is

Dash: Interactive Data Visualization Web Apps with no Javascript
Dom Weldon
Data Science, Visualisation, Web

Interactive webpages with no JS? What could possibly go wrong?

Driving 3D Printers with Python: Lessons Learned
Gina Häußge
Web, 3D Priniting, Makers

OctoPrint is an open source web interface for 3D printers and deployed world wide on a large variety of devices. Learn about some of the challenges in developing and maintaining such a piece of end user facing software in Python

From body and code <programming in times of acceptance>
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Web

What does diversity means? Social justice YES \o/ but also to reclaim knowledge & critical perspective | #diversity #criticalDisability #inclusion

Introduction to automated testing with pytest
Raphael Pierzina
DevOps, Web, Data Engineering

Learn how to get started with developing automated tests in Python with the pytest test framework!

Kubernetes 101 for Python Developers
Christian Barra
DevOps, Infrastructure, Web, APIs, Use Cases

Ready to learn about Kubernetes? Join the workshop and be prepared to play with yaml files!

Mock Hell
Edwin Jung
Code-Review, Web, Data Engineering

Mock Hell: How to escape and avoid it, and improve your design in the process.

Python-Powered OSINT! Modernising Open Source Intelligence for Investigating Disinformation
Chiin-Rui Tan, Dare Imam-Lawal
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web, Data Mining / Scraping, Use Cases

Socio-Technical Python for OSINT! The old state discipline of gathering intelligence from open sources is today critical for investigating Disinformation but has lacked modernisation. A former UK Gov Head of DataSci presents a maturity model for updating legacy OSINT with Python!

Strawberry: a dataclasses inspired approach to GraphQL
Patrick Arminio
Django, Web

Strawberry is a code-first GraphQL library that makes use of dataclasses and type hints.

What we learned from scraping 1 billion webpages every month
Samet Atdag
Business & Start-Ups, Big Data, Infrastructure, Web, Data Engineering

We broke the web via simple hacks. Instead of order, we caused chaos. How to fix that?

Your Name Is Invalid!
Miroslav Šedivý
Algorithms, Community, Natural Language Processing, Web, Data Mining / Scraping, Use Cases

If your code tells me “Your Name Is Invalid!”, then your code is probably invalid. Names of people cannot be invalid.