A Tour of JupyterLab Extensions
Jeremy Tuloup
Community, Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Visualisation

A tour of 20 JupyterLab extensions, in 20 minutes. Demos included!

Dash: Interactive Data Visualization Web Apps with no Javascript
Dom Weldon
Data Science, Visualisation, Web

Interactive webpages with no JS? What could possibly go wrong?

Detecting and Analyzing Solar Panels in Switzerland using Aerial Imagery
Martin Christen
Big Data, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualisation

Detecting Solar Panels from aerial imagery using #Python #DeepLearning #CrowdSourcing

Friend or Foe: Comparison of R & Python in Data Wrangling & Visualisation
Yuta Kanzawa
Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualisation, Statistics

R and Python are different in community and as language. Still, comparing them in their common fields such as data wrangling and visualisation, useRs and Pythonistas will deepen mutual understanding.

How to choose better colors for your data visualizations
Daniel Ringler
Data Science, Visualisation

You want to choose better colors for all the charts that you create with Python but you do not know where to start? This talk will teach you some basics about color theory so your charts will show what is important (and look beautiful).

Is it me, or the GIL?
Christoph Heer
Infrastructure, Parallel Programming, Visualisation

People often complain about the GIL, but does your application actually suffer from the GIL?

Making the complex simple in data viz
Tania Vasilikioti
Data Science, Visualisation

Creating graphics that convey the desired message, are easily interpretable, but also beautiful can be a daunting task. Come to this talk to learn how to use The Grammar of Graphics to make any complex graphic simple, in Python.

Panel: Turn any notebook into a deployable dashboard
Philipp Rudiger
Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Visualisation

Introducing Panel: Turn any notebook into a deployable dashboard

Using Micropython to develop an IoT multimode sensor platform with an Augmented Reality UI
Nicholas Herriot
Augmented Reality, Networks, Microcontrollers, Visualisation

Learn how to bring the internet of things to augmented reality using python and web technologies

Visualizing Interactive Graph Networks in Python
Jan-Benedikt Jagusch
Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Networks, Visualisation, Python

Join @jan_jagusch's talk to learn about visualizing interactive network graphs in Python.