Active Learning with Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems
Gönül Aycı

An approach for a matrix completion problem using the Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF).

Chips Made From Python
Dan Fritchman
Microcontrollers, Parallel Programming, Science, Makers

Chips Made From Python - Hardware description in Python (and friends), and their role in modern silicon

Commenting code — beyond common wisdom
Stefan Schwarzer

Good code comments are important for software maintenance. This talk goes beyond the common wisdom you find in most books and online and explains when this common wisdom falls short.

How strong is my opponent? Using Bayesian methods for skill assessment
Darina Goldin

Introduction to the ranking algorithms Elo, Glicko2, and Trueskill.

Is it me, or the GIL?
Christoph Heer
Infrastructure, Parallel Programming, Visualisation

People often complain about the GIL, but does your application actually suffer from the GIL?