From body and code <programming in times of acceptance>
Business & Start-Ups, Community, Web

What does diversity means? Social justice YES \o/ but also to reclaim knowledge & critical perspective | #diversity #criticalDisability #inclusion

Getting started with FPGA with Python

In this review, we'll look into frameworks that will help Python developer start working with FPGA without prior knowledge of Verilog or VHDL.

Leveraging ML to obtain fine-grained (yet reliable) causal estimates from A/B tests and experiments
Maximilian Eber
Data Science, Machine Learning, Science, Statistics

How to use machine learning to evaluate randomised experiments and A/B tests

Should I stay or should I go? Optimal exercise decisions using the Longstaff-Schwartz algorithm
Benedikt Rudolph
Algorithms, Business & Start-Ups, Data Science, Science, Statistics

Learn about a simple least-squares approach to evaluate financial exercise options and make optimal exercise decisions.

Static Typing in Python
Dustin Ingram

In this talk, we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages to a static type system

Using Overhead Video Capture to Analyse Grouping Behaviour of Dancers in a Silent Disco
Nelson Mooren
Computer Vision, Science

I built upon Python's OpenCV library to detect locations of dancers in a silent disco, using their headphone lights as a proxy, and performed network analysis to investigate their grouping behaviour based on the playlists people were listening to.