AI Intentions and Code Completion
Vasily Korf
Artificial Intelligence, Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter, Python

Datalore supports intentions – code suggestions based on what you’ve just written.

Build a Machine Learning pipeline with Jupyter and Azure
Daniel Heinze
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, DevOps, IDEs/ Jupyter, Machine Learning, APIs, Python

Build a Machine Learning pipeline with Jupyter and Azure:

Python 2020+
Łukasz Langa
Community, Use Cases, Python

Python is at crossroads. Very successful but peculiarly missing in some spaces like mobile devices, client-side Web, or gaming. Should we do something about it? How could we go about changing that?

Rethinking Open Source in the Era of Cloud & Machine Learning
Peter Wang

Open Source is a wildly successful and crucial part of many areas of modern technology. However, the ’sustainability crisis’ and the age of cloud computing have threatened its core mechanisms.

Visualizing Interactive Graph Networks in Python
Jan-Benedikt Jagusch
Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Networks, Visualisation, Python

Join @jan_jagusch's talk to learn about visualizing interactive network graphs in Python.