Event-Sourced Story
Jacek Kołodziej
Use Cases

Basics and three years of experience in utilizing event sourcing in a real-life application with its ups and downs - come hear the Event-Sourced Story.

Making the complex simple in data viz
Tania Vasilikioti
Data Science, Visualisation

Creating graphics that convey the desired message, are easily interpretable, but also beautiful can be a daunting task. Come to this talk to learn how to use The Grammar of Graphics to make any complex graphic simple, in Python.

Take control of your hearing: Accessible methods to build a smart noise filter
Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn Rose
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Science

Control what you hear with deep learning and open audio databases. The developer and manager of \\NoIze//, a project supported by Prototype Fund, share what’s helped them build an open source smart, low-computational noise filter in Python.

The Sound of Silence: Online Misogyny and How we Model it
Teresa Ingram
Community, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Opt Out of Online Sexism - From a Problem to Open Source Activism and the Mechanics of Change