A Bayesian Workflow with PyMC and ArviZ
Corrie Bartelheimer
Data Science, Statistics

An Example of a Bayesian Workflow using PyMC and ArviZ: Predicting House Prices in Berlin

A Medieval DSL? Parsing Heraldic Blazons with Python
Lady Red

Did you know that a DSL with variables and recursion was invented when people were still building castles? This DSL describes exactly how to paint a coat of arms. Learn how to write a parser for it, and the tools to make your own DLS

Driving 3D Printers with Python: Lessons Learned
Gina Häußge
Web, 3D Priniting, Makers

OctoPrint is an open source web interface for 3D printers and deployed world wide on a large variety of devices. Learn about some of the challenges in developing and maintaining such a piece of end user facing software in Python

Lessons Learned as a Product Manager in Data Science
Tereza Iofciu
Business & Start-Ups, Data Science, Machine Learning

How many languages does the data science product manager need to speak?

Your Name Is Invalid!
Miroslav Šedivý
Algorithms, Community, Natural Language Processing, Web, Data Mining / Scraping, Use Cases

If your code tells me “Your Name Is Invalid!”, then your code is probably invalid. Names of people cannot be invalid.