Leveraging the advantages of Bayesian Methods to build a data science product using PyMC3
Korbinian Kuusisto
Algorithms, Business & Start-Ups, Data Science, Machine Learning, Science, Statistics

How can one leverage the power of Bayesian methods to build a successful data science product?

Optimizing Input: Building your own customized keyboard
Daniel Rios
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Optimizing input by building your own keyboard. Learn where the modern keyboard originated and what the present holds for the future of text input.

Professional Development and Career Progression for Data Scientists
Noa Tamir
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How to level up your skills and develop your your career by making the most of on the job opportunities, as well as open source contributions

What we learned from scraping 1 billion webpages every month
Samet Atdag
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We broke the web via simple hacks. Instead of order, we caused chaos. How to fix that?

What’s new in Python 3.8?
Stéphane Wirtel

What’s new in Python 3.8? Learn the new features of this new version