Airflow: your ally for automating machine learning and data pipelines
Enrica Pasqua, Bahadir Uyarer
Big Data, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Data Engineering

Automate your machine learning and data pipelines with Apache Airflow

CANCELED: Create CUDA kernels from Python using Numba and CuPy.
Valentin Haenel
Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, Parallel Programming

Learn to program GPUs (e.g. Kernels) in Python with CuPy and Numba.

Detecting and Analyzing Solar Panels in Switzerland using Aerial Imagery
Martin Christen
Big Data, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualisation

Detecting Solar Panels from aerial imagery using #Python #DeepLearning #CrowdSourcing

Docker and Python - A Match made in Heaven
Dr. Hendrik Niemeyer
Big Data, DevOps, Infrastructure

Learn how to build and ship Python software with Docker Containers.

Extended Ligthning Talks CANCELLED: Crunching Numbers Like a Journalist
Marie-Louise Timcke
Big Data, Data Science, Statistics

Marie will talk about how newsrooms work with data on a day to day basis, and how scientific accuracy fits in with the pace of news reporting.

Kartothek – Table management for cloud object stores powered by Apache Arrow and Dask
Florian Jetter
Big Data, Data Engineering

Kartothek - Table management for cloud object stores powered by @ApacheArrow and @dask_dev

Law, ethics and machine learning – a curious ménage à trois
Dr. Benjamin Werthmann
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning

Find out and discuss how law and ethics should be included in a framework for machine learning that protects creativity and effectiveness

Practical DevOps for the busy data scientist
Dr. Tania Allard
Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, Machine Learning

Devops for the busy data scientist: learn how to leverage these practices to improve your workflows

What we learned from scraping 1 billion webpages every month
Samet Atdag
Business & Start-Ups, Big Data, Infrastructure, Web, Data Engineering

We broke the web via simple hacks. Instead of order, we caused chaos. How to fix that?