10 ways to debug Python code
Christoph Deil
Code-Review, IDEs/ Jupyter

Learn 10 ways to debug your Python code and many tips and tricks for effective debugging in 30 minutes.

6 Years of Docker: The Good, the Bad and Python Packaging
Sebastian Neubauer
DevOps, Infrastructure, IDEs/ Jupyter, Use Cases

In this talk I will walk you through the proper setup of a local python development environment using docker.

A Tour of JupyterLab Extensions
Jeremy Tuloup
Community, Data Science, IDEs/ Jupyter, Visualisation

A tour of 20 JupyterLab extensions, in 20 minutes. Demos included!

Embrace uncertainty! Why to go beyond point estimators for valuable ML applications
Stefan Maier
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics

Usually, uncertainties of Machine Learning predictions are just regarded as a sign of poor prediction accuracy or as a consequence of lacking input features. This talk illustrates how modeling uncertainties can improve ML based decisions.

Gaussian Process for Time Series Analysis
Dr. Juan Orduz
Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics

Gaussian process for regressions problems and time series forecasting